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Server player's rules Empty Server player's rules

Post by [BD]killer on Thu May 22, 2014 5:53 pm

HEy guyz im here to give the rules of players/members
let's start

-Don't spam it may cause u bann /kick
-HAcking aslo may cause u perm ban
-Everybody must respect each other
-dont go against gang/clan's rules
-dont begg for admin level
-u can use any gun like mingun also
-don't make fun of each other
-player'z must wait untill the gang/clan moderators accept u for a clan
-dont Pm admins to get accepted for clans/gangs
-u must use correct format for clans/gang if u dont u will get auto denie.
-Dont advertise It also may cause u perm ban
-Death Evading is not Allowed!
                      That's All
hope u will follow

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