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Beta Tester(s) Duty Empty Beta Tester(s) Duty

Post by [BD]ToOoXiC_ on Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:02 pm

Hello I Made This Topic To Post What Is Bugged In The Server And What Needed To Be Added

Bugs Founded:
  • /Clearallchat Bugged It Makes Spam Instead Of Clearing Chat

  • /Credits Need To Be Updated With New Owner,Beta Testers

Grammar Bugs:
  • /Credits Button Is Ohkey

Fix:It Must Be Okay Instead Of Ohkey
  • When Entering A Temp Vehicle It Say"Welcome TO Your..(Player_Name)EtcEtc

Fix:Welcome TO Your Temp Vehicle (Player_Name)
  • When Entering The Server It Says Welcome To [Gz-INFO] Enjoy Your Stay

Fix:[Gz-INFO]:Welcome To Gz~GaMinG ZoNe Enjoy Your Stay

Need To Be Added:
  • /music Command

  • /pstats Command To Show Offline Player Stats

If You Found Any Buy Please Post Here


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Beta Tester(s) Duty Empty Re: Beta Tester(s) Duty

Post by [SG]ThE_RoCk on Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:52 pm

All fixed

Beta Tester(s) Duty <a href=Beta Tester(s) Duty Oie_1x10" />

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