Read Before Posting! [NAME]Change Rules!

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Read Before Posting! [NAME]Change Rules! Empty Read Before Posting! [NAME]Change Rules!

Post by [SG]ThE_PRo on Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:54 pm

1-) If you're Accepted Or denied, You Must Wait 1 Month.
2-) Don't Post It Directly on Accepted/Denied, That Will give 20% warning, And Never Get Accepted On The Selected Board.
3-) Do Not Double Post, SPAM, Insult, (ect...).
4-) Only Admins, TPs, V.I.Ps Can Vote, If a normal Player Voted, He will be Punished From The Moderators/Managements.
5-) Don't Apply If you're Banned From The Server/IRC Or anywhere Else, That'll Be Denied.
6-) Follow The FORMAT, If Someone Broke It, Didn't Answered AnyThing From It, Abused, He'll Be Denied.
7-) Read The Format By Clicking HERE.
8-) Don't spam moderators messages to accept or view your topic, it will cause a warning on forums.
9-) If an Admin Posted An Apply, Voting Is Not allowed, (Don't Vote On admin Apply)
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