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building new server XD Empty building new server XD

Post by the_killer on Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:22 pm

hi all i wanna first introduce my self my name is the_killer iam admin lvl 3 i wanna show u stuff should be added lets start with
car system
should make buyable cars we can find cars for sale and /vbuy to buy and /vsell to sell and /vcontrol to to control some like light engine etc.and we can buy only 4 cars /vcall 1-4 to get them to u and all kinds of cars can be buyable and make it about 1000+ car for sale
house system
should make all places houses for sale and make a houses by your own self your creation and we buy house by /buyh and sell /sellh
make casinos and place we can enter and bank /telebank and /robbank and we can enter places by the yellow circle
more commands and make something called cakes biscuite and icecream cookies every one can do something well for admins give 3000 from each one for free and we can annouce things on the screen wrote things and reveal on the screen and make events and thats stuff is its prize and make more people can enter the server! and make /setmytime [TIME] to set our time and when we login we be in morning not night and remove the ip and the stuff we see on screen while playing and make more commands and this stuff please if u got skype tell me it and come in server meet me i will take u to YG server and show u some stuff there
please do al of this and i can be very helpful contact me and i will help u should do all of this otherwise YG server will be better and our server will stay bad and sux and down thnks for attention

Admin Level:- 5
Admin Level:- 5

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building new server XD Empty Re: building new server XD

Post by [SG]ThE_PRo on Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:51 pm

Are you stupid or what.. We already had that all In the old server,So now we RE-Started everything. We just Updated the server and we're getting soon
And some cmds are removed Like the CMDs in your suggestions. All of them was in server but Not now.
They'll be with us soon.

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Talking about other servers
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Beta Tester

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