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Post by [BD]ToOoXiC_ on Thu May 01, 2014 11:39 am

Hello All BD GanG Members

This Is The GanG Rules Follow It To Avoid A Warn/Kick/Ban

Let's Start:

-Don't Beg Owners/Moderators To Accept You
-All BD Moderators Must Accept/Deny Every App
-Once You're Denied Apply Again After 2 Weeks
-Don't Spam BD Board It May Cause A Perm Ban
-Once You Leave You Will Have 1 Chance If You Left Again You Can't Enter
-Don't Force AnyOne To Join BD
-Don't Abuse
-Don't Ask To Remove Your Warn It May Cause In A Kick
-Follow Server/Forum/GanG Rules
-Don't Ask To Be promoted It May Cause In A Demote
-Be Loyal
-Be Active In Server/Forum
-All BD GanG Members Must Vote If There Is AN App
-We All Must Train New Members
-IF u leave GAng u will hve one more chance
-if u are kicked by mistake u must make a new thread in Blood devil's gang

That's All

BD GanG Mangment


I'm [BD]ToOoXiC_

i'm BD GanG Owner
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